Free iTunes Gift Card Codes: Is it True?

We all know the feeling when you try to buy a song on iTunes and you don’t have enough money to buy it, well you will never have to deal with that feeling any more because I am about to supply you with some free iTunes gift card codes. Your probably asking what makes us different than all the other websites claiming to give out free iTunes. Well their is many things, fist is probably that we have a lot of testimonials that you can read on the Testimonials Page and we also have a video from one of our visitors e-mailed to us that shows him/her going to our website and downloading a code and redeeming it over iTunes.

Free iTunes Gift Card Codes

Now to the process, the process is very easy to understand. In order to get your free iTunes gift card codes you must do two things which are share this website on Facebook and Twitter. The second thing is you will have to complete a short survey that ask questions like which to you prefer Coke or Pepsi? Then enter your zip-code or your e-mail. It’s that simple and most of the surveys consist of those types of offers because they are shortest ones possible and take probably a maximum of 2 minutes. Your probably saying now that surveys never work for me. The problem that most people have with surveys is that they rush them. After you think you’ve finished a survey you should wait around 30 seconds DO NOT x out of the survey right when you finish it. If you do you risk the chance of having to redo the survey which is just time consuming, and we do not want that.

Now to get your free iTunes gift card codes look to the right you should see a button that gets “Get your free iTunes Code” click on it and you will be taken to a web-page you should see 3 different amounts of iTunes cards, before you choose the amount you want you need to share the website on Facebook and tweet it on Twitter this is mandatory. Once you have shared it choose the amount you want, you should be redirected to a page with full of cards of the amount you chose. Click on one that states that it is available, after you click on it a box should appear. You are going to want to look through the list of offers that are available and click one that you think you can fill out. Once you think you have finished the offer wait 30 seconds to a minute to let the system verify that you have finished the survey. If you have correctly completed the offer a file with your code should begin to download, after it is completed it will be deleted from our system to help clear up space within out database.

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